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Benefits of BNA membership

Join the BNA the national body for naturalists, founded in 1905, and extend your interest in the British countryside by taking part in a wide range of activities together with fellow enthusiasts of all ages. With the help of our experts, you will be able to learn more about our native flora and fauna and develop an in-depth understanding of how our natural world develops and changes increasingly important in view of the changes in our climate.

At national level, the BNA organises lectures and exhibitions, publishes “Country-
Side”, British Naturalist, the BNA website and the BNA holds occasional conferences and Field Trips at a different location each year.

Branch Membership

As a branch member you can also take part in talks and exploratory wildlife walks across Britain where newcomers can learn and where experienced and knowledgeable naturalists share their expertise. Pond dipping, small mammal trapping, fungus forays and snail safaris are all examples of the field activities undertaken.

BNA’s Graded membership

Fellowship of The British Naturalists’ Association (Honoris Causa) are bestowed on naturalists from among those that are internationally recognised as having made an outstanding contribution to our understanding of natural history.

Members of BNA have the opportunity to add Grade Recognition to their membership which will acknowledge their natural history skills and achievements. This will demonstrate to others that you believe in furthering the study of natural history and in acquiring the necessary field skills to achieve this.

Annual Awards

The BNA Peter Scott Memorial Award is given each year for an outstanding contribution to our understanding of natural history and conservation.

The BNA David Bellamy Award is awarded each year to a naturalist of distinction.

The Richard Fitter Memorial Medal is presented to an active field naturalist of excellence.

Country-Side Magazine

Country-Side provides essential reading for enthusiastic naturalists and wildlife conservationists and aims to bridge the gap between strictly scientific publications and the more popular type of natural history magazine. It offers high-quality, accessible articles on a wide range of subjects, written by experienced field naturalists.
Other regular features include: Wildlife Observations, Book Reviews and Letters.

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