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 Megan Carroll writes

My name is Megan Carroll, I'm a sixteen year old student from Sheffield. I have been interested in nature since I was 8, having been a regular at my local RSPB reserve and keen nature journalist from the beginning. I have been volunteering as a junior leader with the RSPB's Wildlife Explorer club since I was 14 and have been a member of the RSPB Phoenix Forum since I was 15, which has given me opportunities such as writing for the RSPB's junior and teen magazines, blogs and WEX Leader's Guide, planning and running WEX sessions, and writing and presenting a talk at the RSPB's annual Conference Weekend. I am also a member of Sheffield Wildlife Trust and have volunteered with various projects over the years, including clearing woodland and maintaining heathland at a local reserve.

Profile of a Young Nat


There are wonderful wild plants and animals and insects in our country and you could help them by learning more about them. Learning about wildlife is fun. Keep a scrap book or build your own Nature Table with the things you find in your garden or when you go for a walk. Let us know what you find.

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