BNA Associate Members

This is the membership grade of those over 18 years of age that have a keen interest in natural history which they demonstrate by joining and supporting the Association.
Ordinary Members can apply for recognition as an Associate and to use the post nominative letters ABNA after they have been an Ordinary Member for one year and can show evidence that they have attended natural history lectures and taken part in sufficient field activities.

List of Associates

Richard Wildash ABNA

Jean Panniker ABNA
Richard Panniker ABNA
Benjamin Hodgson ABNA

Paul Guymer ABNA

Richard Hall ABNA
Jean Hayter ABNA
Moira Beaumont ABNA
Patricia MacDuff ABNA

Sara Biggins ABNA

Pamela White ABNA
Sharon Ward ABNA
Olive Ford ABNA
Brian Sims ABNA