Trying to identify any newly seen plant or animal can sometimes be a difficult process.

We have here a series of photo identification guides, which we hope may help. Even if you can not identify the species you have seen it may give you a guide as to where to look on the wider web.

A word of warning however, It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between two closely related species however good the photographs may be. Some insects may require microscopic examination to confirm their identity to species level. If you are able – especially with invertebrates – take several photographs viewed from different angles.


Guide to Butterflies
Guide to Bumblebees
Guide to Dragon & damselflies
Guide to Grasshoppers & crickets
Guide to Hoverflies
Guide to Ladybirds
Guide to Shieldbugs



Guide to the Tit family


Guide to Deer


Guide to Orchids


If you are unable to identify the species you may email photographs to us at xxx and we will try and assist.