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British Naturalist

The bi-annual newsletter of the Association. It contains articles, membership news and details of branch events.


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Mosses and LiverwortsHow to begin the study of
Mosses and Liverworts

by  June Chatfield

Full of colour photographs and helpful line drawings, photographs (including invaluable micro photographs) by Christine Riesner, Chris Doncaster, Michael Demidecki and June Chatfield.

Size – 234×156. 80pp. £9.95           



Natural History

How to begin the study of
Natural History

by  June Chatfield

This great little book is a really good introduction to all aspects of Natural History.




Snails SlugsHow to Begin the Study of
Slugs and Snails

by J Sankey

Published by Richmond Publishing Co
in conjunction with the
British Naturalists’ Association.

Size A5

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